• Role of the railway

    Role of the railway


Our railway is vital for GB

Britain's Partnership railway is vitally important in enabling economic growth:

  • Britain’s railway is set to deliver £87bn of extra economic growth across the country.
  • The railway and its supply chain works in partnership to support 216,000 jobs with 100,000 new job opportunities across the industry by 2027.
  • Freight trains take 7.6million lorries off the road each year, cutting congestion and making savings of £12billion in travel time.

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Doubling passenger numbers

Government and private investment working in partnership has combined to create one of the safest and fastest growing railways in Europe.

Over the last 20 years we have seen a doubling of passenger journeys and we now have over 4.5 million journeys made every day. The number of journeys are expected to double again over the next 25 years.

Busy network

More and more passengers mean some parts of the railway are full during peak periods in the morning and evening. That’s why the partnership railway will invest in 5,500 new carriages, and other imrpovements, so we can meet demand, now and for the long term.

The rail industry is working together with a plan to  increase customer satisfaction and remain the top-rated major railway in Europe